Aedhan Lasair


Around 27








The Flame Keeper



Current Occupation






Current Alignment

Chaotic Good

Details Edit

  • Name: Aedhan Lasair
  • Age: Around 27
  • Birthday: --
  • Height: --
  • Weight: --
  • Body Type: --
  • Face Type: --
  • Complexion: Mild tan, with few freckles.
  • Eyes: Crystal Green.
  • Hair: Bright Ginger, Long, Straight.
  • Clothing Style: --
  • Speaking Style: --

  • General Demeanor: Social, outgoing, cheerful without being too obnoxious. Fierce.
  • Career: --
  • Hobbies: --
  • Talents: --
  • Best Qualities: --
  • Worst Qualities: --
  • Weaknesses: --
  • Prejudices: --

Background Edit

Native Gilnean of humble lineage, bitten during the outburst of the curse, while protecting his kindred. He never really hated the worgen, but knew how to make the difference between the enraged ferals rampaging through the streets, and those whom could be saved. The first would get slaughtered without much of a second thought, but treated with honor and respect. The second, he'd try to contain and teach, whenever possible.

He fell to a large pack some time after however, as the ferals understood him to pose a threat to them, despite being Worgen himself then. It was soon before the arrival of the forsaken, and he spent most of the time the ennemy used to spread and encroach the city, resting on an infirmary bed, unable to move. When he finallly was given strength to, it was too late, and there was only time for one thing, fleeing to keel harbor...And onto the kal'dorei ships.

As many, he hated leaving the City and the fallen behind, but saw it as a new opportunity to grow stronger and help the Kingdom and his kindred from outside, learn from the world. He spent some time studying and roaming Darnassus and the Kal'dorei culture before boarding for the human lands, and the Kingdom of Stormwind, following in Greymane's footsteps. He is now seeking to establish a "honest" living for himself, out of his talents as a warrior, and a tailor.

Musical World Edit

Aedhan's "Theme Songs": --

OOC Notes Edit

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