Alliance 32 Aius McCreary
McCreary during the Feralas assault.


Lieutenant (former)





Character Class

Rogue, Aristocrat


Alliance, Western Alliance, Kul Tiras


Lieutenant of the Alliance Navy (former)



Aius McCreary was a Lietuentant of the Alliance Fleet.


Early LifeEdit

Aius was born to John and Claire McCreary on the island nation of Kul Tiras. There he lived in Boralus, the nation's capital, and worked on his father's ship as a fisherman. This was common for most young boys of Kul Tiras as fishing exports were one of the islands sources of wealth. Aius loved working on a ship and being out at sea, but did not want to follow in his father's footsteps. At the age of sixteen, he enlisted into the Kul Tiras marines. There he quickly became noticed, thanks to his experience aboard ships, and was promoted to Lieutenant. For a few years he served as an officer aboard The Horizon, until one day when they crew were out on a drill, their ship came under attack from pirates. Aius quickly commanded the crew into action and repelled the attackers. When the Admiralty heard of his courageous act he was given command of his own ship, The Vigilant.

Leaving the Marines and Current StatusEdit

Eight months ago Aius' ship, The Vigilant, came under attack by a Bloodsail destroyer around four miles off the coast of Menethil. The ship was lost and 80% of the perished. The remaing crew were found by local sailors and were treated at Menethil before being moved to Ironforge and Stormwind for proper surgery. Aius managed to make a full recovery but the shock of what happened that day lives on inside him. He resides in Stormwind at the moment after leaving the infirmary and recently applied to join the Stormwind army. However, until he hears more, he's going to continue to carry out odd jobs and helping out the locals.

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