Bharker Hark'Yeri


31 years


Gundrak's suburbs, Zul'Drak, Northrend


Blood Drinker of the Gurubashi Empire, High Warlord of the Drakkari Empire, Heir of Umkankik and Leader of the disbanded Umkankite Order




Troll (Drakkari)


Second Gurubashi Empire, Drakkari Empire


Blood Drinker of the Gurubashi, High Warlord of the Drakkari




Harkher Hark'Yeri (Father), Yril Hark'Yeri (Mother), Miwaii (Deceased mate)

Overview Edit

Bharker Hark'Yeri is a Drakkari Troll who serves under Emperor Tziak of the Second Gurubashi Empire on the quality of Blood Drinker, this is, the Gurubashi elite and imperial guard. Since his birth, over thirty winters ago, he was trained to be a warrior and to follow on the footsteps of his father, Supreme General of the Drakkari, both politically and militarily. He attained the title of High Warlord during the siege on Drak'Tharon Keep, which was eventually lost to the Scourge and what triggered the decidion of the Drakkari Council to issue messengers to the surviving Troll Empires, requesting assistance and to strengthen the bonds in these dark times. Bharker Hark'Yeri was appointed as the ambassador to the Gurubashi, leaving Northrend with twenty-eight years with one mission: to find the Gurubashi Empire and to create a diplomatic bond between the two Empires. Eventually and as sign of good faith, Bharker has sworn the Blood Oath - the ritual in which you accept Dambalah and the Emperor as masters - and officially joined the military ranks of the Gurubashi Empire. Over time and after showing his skills as strategist and warrior in the frontline of the war against Seiken Trollbane, he was recognized as true to the cause by the Emperor, achieving the position of Scarred One before attaining the title of Blood Drinker in the climax of that War. Such actions led to him becoming part of the Imperial Guard, which escorts the Emperor himself, as reward for his services to the Empire, his loyalty and integrity. He also led the Umkankite Order after defeating the Bloodsworn Granjean in a duel and recieving the blood of Umkankik in his body, before the abolishing of the Imperial Orders. Today, he maintains his position in both Empires, although he has become less visible in Stranglethorn Vale and the Imperial Palace, due to the events taking place in his homeland and the near extinction of the Drakkari.

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