Bharun Ironbrow
Bharun Colored





Character Class:

Dwarven Prospector, Mountain King


Explorers' League, Ironforge, The Alliance


Archaeologist, Explorer, Defender of the Alliance


Drorin Thunderbrew(cousin), Dhulin Ironbrow(deceased), Clecra Ironbrow(aunt)


Lawful Good

Bharun Ironbrow is a middle-aged Dwarf who has served in the Alliance most of his life, he's a devout member of the Explorers' League, and recently The Disciples of Light .


Early LifeEdit


The Second WarEdit

By the time the Second War began, Bharun was assigned to a mortar team alongside his oldest friend and cousin, Drorin Thunderbrew. The two fought alongside the dwarven army, first in the town of Thelsamar and later in the siege to the fortress of Blackrock.

Bharun joined with the rest of the Alliance, now lead by the Paladin Turalyon on the chase for the retreating Orcs to the Dark Portal.

Aftermath of the Second WarEdit

Bharun and Drorin accompanied Danath Trollbane and Turalyon into Outland and despite their initial willingness to aid the Alliance expedition they later split from the rest of the expedition and embarged on a journey across the Peninsula, and later deeper into Zangarmarsh and northwards. The two made it through the Dark Portal before Khadgar sealed it and was safely back in Azeroth.

The Third WarEdit



With the threat of the Scourge at hand, Bharun picked up his hammers once again and fought alongside the Argent Crusade in Icecrown.


A humble dwarf of nature, Bharun is an outgoing and well-spoken dwarf who enjoys spending his evenings in local taverns. Despite being the friendly dwarf he is, he can at times be grumpy, usually if he's around people he doesn't think has earned his respect or if things simply doesn't go the way he wants them to.

Bharun is very proud and disciplined, he shows great respect in exchange for the same in return.


An immensely broad and muscular dwarf with a long and thick sand-colored beard tied into one great braid which is tucked into his belt behind a giant, shiny belt buckle with an icon of an anvil engraved in it.

He carries himself proudly and is usually seen with a grumpy expession on his face, however his hazel eyes gleam with pride and humbleness under his big bushy eyebrows.

Bharun usually wear a combination of tough leather and dwarven scalemail along with a thick leather belt with several pouches and a big wooden mug attached.

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