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The Blazing Shields is a heavy military RP based guild on the Alliance side of Defias. It was created on 4-22-2008, and is led both IC and OOC by Falrock Thilliath. It's forums can be found behind this link.

History Edit

The Blazing Shields had existed for many years before the orcish invasion of Azeroth. Stationed in Darkshire, they fought against the orc onslaught, but were decimated in the defense of their kingdom. Although some soldiers survived, the regiment was deemed inactive, and its remaining forces were distributed amongst other regiments.

The current iteration of the regiment was started by the current commander Falrock Thilliath. The former guard and soldier from The Disciples of Light was already hardened by combat when he was tasked on behalf of the King to reassemble the former regiment and act as its new commander, in charge of the regiments own recruitment and training. The regiment is still recruiting and training new soldiers, and remains stationed in the capital city of Stormwind until full capacity is reached.

Engagements Edit


Preparations for the Bloodmyst Campaign

  • Bloodmyst Isle Campaign
  • Attack on Darkshire
  • Quel'Lithien Rescue Campaign

Currently Edit

The regiments' soldiers follow many training sessions aimed on both physical strength, discipline, and combat techniques. However, due to much unrest in the capital, the regiment's soldiers also double as official guards, as ordered by the Stormwind Council.

Despite the regiment not having reached full force yet, it has already seen campaigns and actions, sometimes even against the council's wishes. Once resulting in suspension of the guard rights in disciplinary retribution.

At the moment the regiment is being stationed within Stormwind City's command center in the older part of the city.

Organisation Edit

The Blazing Shields has several divisions to specialize its soldiers. Each division has three ranks showing involvement and skill. Third, Second, and First class. Third ranks lowest, and first highest.

14th Medical Corps Edit

Currently led by Sergeant Major McKellen, it consists of medics and healers and attempts to provide both theory and practice on the field of medicine and the Holy Light. Subjects as first aid of all kinds are trained, as well as moral subjects such as triage.

23rd Rangers Division Edit

Formerly led by Corporal Darkmantle. Sergeant Frimark took over after his departure. Gun or bow-wielders join the ranged division to improve their aim, as well as learning to work well in ranger groups and in conjunction with melee forces.

31st Scout Division Edit

Currently led by Sergeant Dawncloud. The scout division consists of the more covert forces of the Blazing Shields. Scouts are trained in the fields of shadowing, obtaining information, and setting up watch posts.

43rd Special Operations Division Edit

Currently led by Commander Thilliath. The elite forces of the regiment. They focus on behind the lines, covert work. Only the best are allowed in.

Known Members Edit

Rank Name Position
Commander IconSmall Human MaleFalrock Thilliath Senior Officer
Captain Vacant Senior Officer
Lieutenant Vacant Senior Officer
Sergeant Major Vacant Senior Officer
Sergeant IconSmall Human FemaleQuirog Frimark Senior Officer
Sergeant IconSmall Human FemaleKainna Darkbane senior officer
Corporal IconSmall Human MaleVinen Truesight Junior Officer
Corporal Vacant Junior Officer
Lance Corporal IconSmall Human MaleTiberos Darkbane Junior Officer
Private IconSmall Human FemaleIlis Guethen Enlisted
Private IconSmall Human MaleRemdaar Bonebreaker Enlisted
Private IconSmall Human MaleWermon Ramef Enlisted
Recruit IconSmall Human MaleNygaern Lightswearer Enlisted
Advisor IconSmall Human FemaleRinoi Du'nai Non-combatant
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