Bruron Durham is a member of the Blades for Hire and son of Fugras Durham


Early lifeEdit


Bruron Durham after joining the blades

Bruron was born and raised on Theramore Isle, his first years being like that of any other child, only he didn't know who his fathers was.

When Bruron became 16 he was recruited for the Theramore guards but shortly after getting in to basic training he was contacted by a man.

A few days later Bruron saw the man again, this time he gave him a letter saying he should go to Stormwind to meet his father and a few days later he was on a boat to Stormwind.

Meeting the BladesEdit

The letter told him to go to the Pig & Whistle once in Stormwind and so he did, there he learned about the death of his father only a few days before he arrived, he swore to take avange Fugras's death by hunting down the killer, he also asked Karlak to be recruited in the Blades to follow in his fathers footsteps, since Bruron had no combat expirience it was denied, but Karlak found a trainer for Bruron, a man named Chadel Resdon .


Shortly after meeting the Blades, Bruron started his training with Chadel. Since Bruron had no combat expirience, this training made him fight in the same style as Chadel but mainly lacking the combat expirience to be as good as him.

After a few months of training Bruron was dropped of in a hostile place with the mission to return home, this would be his final test of skill before joining with the Blades.

Joining the BladesEdit

After the intense training, Karlak allowed Bruron to join the Blades after being tested by himself. Since Bruron is the son of Fugras, he has a special possition within the Blades , not really being a recruit but not higher up either, for the time being he only takes orders from the founding member of the Blades.


Bruron is mostly friendly and respectfull to people who treath him and the people he cares for in the same way. His intense training seems to have made him mature very fast, being only 17 but far from childish.

Bruron also cares a lot for the Blades , he is dedicated to taking Fugras's place in their ranks.


Bruron wears heavy plate armour forged by himself with help from others, same with his two handed sword. As a sidearm he uses his fathers dagger, which he found in the basement of the Pig & Whistle while searching trough his fathers stuff. Due to the fact that his fathers killers are still out there, Bruron always wears armour when in public.

Appart from armour and weapons he also has a few pouches on his belt holding various usefull tools and items, like rope, cloth, pocketknife, flint and things like that.

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