Chant Mirrorday
Plate Armor
Chant in full Armor.






Light of Anethion


The chapter of holy Anethion


Pre brainwash: Arathoran Blightwood-(Lover) Merian Silversmith-Verlance and Marticore Verlance (Friends) Current: None specific.

Character Decription Edit

Character ApearenceEdit

An average build woman with white short hair and a strong pose. She has red lustfull lips with Bright brown eyes. Everywhere her skin shows, you see a small bit of a golden glow around covering it. it could indicate she is a paladin.


She is very attached to the light and follows its path. She is overal very optimistic and hates uneeded violence or blood shead. Usualy in a good mood and always speaking in a soft calm tone to those around her. Her fighting experience is quite good as she has been in the paladins order and training for a long time. Fought against demons and various cults. However, Her defence abilitys are far better then her offensive, as she learned to never strike first, Her strikes may be weaker then average but her defensive force is greater because of it


She is found often in a robe of white and black, a tabard with a white cross across her chest.

Armor may or may not be worn around it.

<the Chapter of Holy Anethion>Edit

She has been found and has been given new life by the chapter. she is loyal to them and their teachings.

(more information later as its a work in progress)

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