Captain Outrunner Chantale Landswellsong
In the Night by vaniamarita
Chantale with Shan'ya[1]





Character Class







Spy of the Winterblades






Shan'ya (wintersaber), Livi(seagull)


Chaotic Neutral

Overview Edit

Chantale Landswellsong is a former Shadowleaf sentinel specializing in stealth, surveillance and reconaissance. After the Third War, she traveled eastward with the detachment Tyrande Whisperwind took with her for the hunt on the Betrayer. During the defence of the High Priestess, Chantale fell into posession of a banshee, and had her body controlled by the Scourge for many days. The high elves of Quel'Lithien eventually ran into her during a scouting mission and cleansed the curse of posession with the help of priestess Aurora Skycaller. Recovered, Chantale swore to complete any quest Aurora would with in exchange for saving her life. Aurora dreamt of elven reunion and redemption in the eyes of Kaldorei, and thus asked Chantale to seek Alleria Windrunner, whom she considered to be the most charismatic and famous elf, probably capable of uniting the shattered nation of Quel'Thalas under the one banner. After a long struggle, Chantale reached Allerian Stronghold, only to find namesake missing. During the journeys, she developed a strong shame for being useless for her people. She went rogue for many months, living as a footpad in Ravenholdt, until she heard of a newly formed Sentinel division enlisting volounteers. Eagerely wishing to commit herself into serving Elune once again and to calm the voice of conscience, she traveled to Darnassus and succesfully applied herself into the Winterblades regiment. Full backstory at wowwki.

Companions Edit

Livi Edit

Livi is a seagull, serving Chantale both as scouting companion and a closest friend. Having developped a strong empathy during years of journeys, the two are rarely seen apart. In fact, it is Livi, who was first spotted by Quel'Lithien rescue party, as he had not been leaving his mistress during all the time of possession. Seldom, Chantale asks Livi to deliever her mail because she has prejudice towards Alliance mailboxes.

Shan'ya Edit

Shan'ya is Chantale's mount, a young Wintersaber feline who agreed to join Chantale on her quest to Nothrend. Despite being a fierce tiger, Shan'ya is somewhat shy and curious, she rarely engages in combat just as her mistress, preferring to be prowling when not mounted.

Current status Edit

After seeing a strange dream, Chantale adived with Alushia Everglade and left for Northrend without any notice on a little sailboat. Since then, nobody ever heard of her. Her last conversation with the priestess revealed that the flight is connected with repaying the debt for saviors.

  1. This image is taken from Vaniamarita's deviant art album and is a temporary portrait not to be thought as canon image of Chantale
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