Name: [Name to go here and, if you want, Title also]

Age: [Age - Check WoW Wiki for more details]

Height: [Height - Can be found on WoW Wiki]

Weight: [Weight - Can also be found on WoW Wiki]

Body Type: [Is he Tall? Short? Fat? Thin?]

Face Type: [The shape of his face - does he have a Round face? Square face? Oval-shaped?)

Complexion: [Skin Tone]

Eyes: [Not just eye colour, but also description - Does his eye twinkle when he's happy?.etc)

Hair: [Hair Colour, Hair Style and hair length]

Clothing Style: [What does he wear the most?Casual Clothes? Armor?]

Speaking Style: [Does he speak short and to-the-point or ramble alot?]

General Demeanor: [His attitude that others see - Calm? Uptight? Scared? Happy?]

Career: [What does he do for money? If your playing a guy that lives on the streets, leave this out]

Prejudices: [Who does he look at and think "I don't like this type of person!"? ]

Best Qualities: [Best things about this guy]

Worst Qualities: [Is he bad a Knitting? Maybe Handiwork?]

Weakness: [What makes him weak?]

Hobbies: [What does he like to do?]

Talents: [What is he good at?]

Biography: [Very Long Character Story to go here!]