Cyaska Boneweaver


Knight of the Ebon Blade




Blood Elf

Character class

Death Knight

Description Edit

Age: Unknown.

Height: 158cm.

Body Type: Short, slender.

Complexion: Very pale.

Eyes: Icy blue, glowing. They're generally quite dim.

Hair: Icy blue, neatly tied back and held in place.

Clothing Style: Heavy plate with a runeblade.

Speaking Style: Sometimes distant, sometimes commanding.

Personality Edit

General Demeanor: Calm, though easily angered.

Prejudices: Dwarves.

Best Qualities: Manipulation, and building of false trust. Exploits the tightest loopholes.

Worst Qualities: Overconfident. She takes things far beyond herself.

Weakness: Her overconfidence yet again, and her belief of superiority.

Talents: Manipulation, and the Death Knight school of Blood. Swords.

Biography: Edit

Cyaska Boneweaver began as a fairly rich, spoiled girl, living near Fairbreeze Village. She proved talented with a blade from a young age, and worked upon this talent. Approaching the outbreak of the Third War, she heard rumours of power beyond imagining. Of course, she followed this rumour into the plaguelands and gave herself to the Scourge- Transformed into a Death Knight.

She broke free of the Scourge's grasp at the second battle for Light's Hope and now serves under the Ebon Blade.

Affiliations: Edit

Cyaska is a close friend of Kaleil Sunstrike, Blood Lord of Sin Belore.

Her other 'friends' include Cal'Ez Sunstriker, Shro'gan, and Aerandier 'Darkwrath'.