Eselan Leomin


Eselan Leomin



Character Class



Kingdom of Arathor, Kingdom of Stormwind


Dankthar of the Arathorian Forces




Rohwyn Aethelbrand (wife), Emareth Leomin (sister)


Anaei Trollbane

Name: Eselan 'Wolf-eye' Leomin

Age: 31

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 100 kilos

Body Type: Muscular build with broad shoulders and strong arms.

Face Type: Cheek bones and jaw lines are quite defined. His face has a somewhat lupine feel to it, a vague resemblance of a wolf. His expression is usually quite neutral as if his face were a mask.

Complexion: Slightly tanned due to outdoor labour, however naturally white.

Eyes: Eselan's eyes are the most defined feature on his body as they are a bright yellow colour, again vaguely resembling a wolf's.

Hair: Silver white, well kept, long (shoulder length)

Clothing Style: Eselan can almost always be seen in heavy plated armour with a dark tint with either a great animal's fur cloak on his back or a fine dark cloak. He bears on his armour the badge of a Silver Raven, indicating an elite soldier status within the Arathorian army. Along with the Silver Raven badge is the pendant of the Dankthar (Arathorian word for Warlord), indicating the status of Commander of the Arathorian army. On his back often hangs a large, red two handed sword and on his left hip hands a fine one handed sword, an heirloom named Foe Reaver. At his right is a small, curved dagger, blue dwarven runes on the blade that reads "Wolf-eye'".

Speaking Style: Eselan has a clear voice that carries well and far, his tone often commanding (though without any arrogance to it) and encouraging.

General Demeanor: Eselan is almost always calm, composed and rational. His confident stance and demeanor is obvious to people in his imminent vacinity and this aura of courage and tranquility can be felt upon nearing him.

Career: Eselan joined the Stormwind Army at an early age as the city was still being rebuilt and its army was in dire need of new soldiers. He served the army for twelve years before leaving the official amry to join several smaller regiments such as the Kings Household Cavalry, the Shining Strand and the Disciples of Light. After a a lifetime of servitude to Stormwind Eselan joined an Arathorian regiment. After time he rose in the Arathorian ranks and eventually was promoted the status as Captain which was later turned into Dankthar (Warlord).

Prejudices: Any enemy of the Grand Alliance, to which he has dedicated his life to serve.

Best Qualities: Excellent soldier and fighter, encouraging, courageous and steadfast.

Worst Qualities: Eselan is quite conservative and stubborn. He is also quite useless at expressing emotions to people he does not know very well.

Weakness: His protective nature for those he cares for makes him vulnerable when it comes to them. Especially his wife Rohwyn.

Hobbies: He enjoys training, whether it is heavy lifting, running, weapons training or a general spar.

Talents: Anything connected to the military.


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