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Defias Brotherhood is an European RP-PvP server in World of Warcraft.

Defias Brotherhood EU - RPPvP

The oldest and most well-established RP-PvP server, Defias Brotherhood is often looked at as the best RP-PvP server, especially in relation to its World-PvP activities and roleplaying. With plots everywhere, both on Alliance as on Horde side, RP is flourishing.

Basically every playable race has it's own racial guild, representing their race's best interests, be it Blood Elf, Undead, Dwarf or Night Elf. Alignment-specific guilds can be found here too. From shadowy cults to righteous followers of the Holy Light, and even thieves and criminals, Defias Brotherhood has everything a roleplayer would want.

PvP wise, Defias Brotherhood is a very active realm as well. Various guilds lead expeditions into the heart of enemy territory, almost on a daily basis. World PvP is everywhere. Wintergrasp is in constant turmoil. Even premades to all kinds of battlegrounds are organized on a very regular basis.

PvE wise, Defias Brotherhood has lots to offer as well. Many successful raiding guilds exist here, and the people on Defias are generally nice towards new players, as long as they respect the realm policies and are willing to learn. All in all, we're a friendly bunch!

This site has been created as a resource for roleplayers on the server, allowing for the documenting of the various interesting persons, guilds, and stories that have come and gone since server launch.

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