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Eavya Morninglight, a little over a millenium old, and the eldest of five sisters. She is a devout Priestess and has been all her life. She loves, cares and accepts a lot, but is also very duty driven. She will stop at nothing for her Order, the Order of Nature's Grasp, nor her faith...


Her hair is pearly white and always well cared for. She speaks with a low, soft toned voice which she almost never raises.

She seems almost unhealthily thin. This is because Eavya has an eating disorder. She tends to stop eating when emotionally distressed. She has done this several times and now cannot hold down food much. She only eats enough to barely sustain herself.

She wears a simple silver necklace with a pendant shaped like the crescent moon. She recieved this as a gift from Aronan Nightscape, after finding back her daughter.

When visible with her clothing, her chest shows a huge angry scar. A couple of Moons ago, Eavya had a very large surgery, perfomed on her by a human. Many of her kin were not happy about this fact, but it seemed it was the only way to save her life at that moment.


Eavya was born short of a milenium ago, in the cold climates of Winterspring. She is first born of Laurna Morninglight, wandering Priestess of Elune. After Eavya, Laurna concieved and gave birth to four more girls. Elawyen, Ryasha, Nyrinde and Lilyven. With the six of them, they traveled Kalimdor, to see the sights and to help wherever Laurna was needed. Laurna also tended to stay away from all that endangered her daughters. They took no part in war or skirmishes.

A couple of years back, Laurna Morninglight decided to finally settle down. She became an honored Priestess trainer in Dolanaar, leaving her daughters to go out on their own. And this they did.


The Officership of The Order of Nature's Grasp. Eavya is the fourth from the left.


At the moment, Eavya has been server her Order as High Priestess of the Guardians of the Moon, the spiritual wing of the Order of Nature's Grasp.

However, a few days ago, she told the Order she had to leave, for healthreasons... She is now in Stormwind, with Aronan.

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