Erethan Darkwood


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Shimmer of Destiny


Erethan's calm character always seem to give people the willingness to listen to him. His deep calm voice seems to calm people. Though in some situations this calm character can change to a very sharp one. Two things are most important to Erethan. Those two things are order and discipline. Everything in his eyes must be straight and ordered. If this is not the case he is most likely to lose his temper.


After the Gilnean civil war Erethan left the city of Gilneas with his father and sought refuge. He found his salvation under the wing of Fenrar, who was leading the family called "The Sons of Fenrar. He and his father were happy they were finally released from the madness.

While the forsaken were approaching Gilneas the Sons of Fenrar were preparing an encounter with them. Erethan's father Enarion got the place as commander in the attack forces of Fenrar's army. The Sons of Fenrar and the Forsaken encountered at Pyrewood village. The forsaken were way stronger than the sons of fenrar. And so there were many casualties, one of them was Enarion. It was only after the fight that Erethan got to hear that his father died in the battle for Pyrewood. All that was given to Erethan was his fathers commander's insignia.

Erethan was heartbroken and swore to take revange on the forsaken.So followed up his father by becomming the commander of the attack forces. He trained his man very strickt and taught them about discipline and respect.

The training went on for a long time untill all of a sudden Fenrar disappeard. Nobody had a clue where he was or went. Without a leader the family quickly fell apart. Eventually the members of the Sons of Fenrar went their own way. Many of them now reside in Ambermill, and so does Erethan. He is now High Councillor of the town where he keeps track of everything that happens. Together with Leroni Mistshore and Patrisia Bensome they now form the towns council. And they go under the name of The Shimmer of Destiny

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