Cdr. Falrock Thilliath


IconSmall Human Male Human



Character Class



Professional Soldier


Stormwind Infantry, Blazing Shields Regiment


Commander of the Blazing Shields

Overview Edit

Falrock Thilliath is the commander of the Blazing Shields Stormwind Infantry Regiment. He was born and bred in Westfall, his father was a farmer but a strict disciplinarian.

When Falrock was in his mid-thirties he became a guard at the Cathedral and eventually was discovered by a Millitary leader named Aarian Northlight, commander of the Disciples of Light. He quickly grew to become acquainted with harsh battles and environments, learning much about warfare and quickly became quite an adept fighter.

Years later he lost his eye against the Orcs of the Red Blade during a battle that took place in the Arathi Highlands, he was promoted soon after that and ordered by the King to create a new regiment known as the Blazing Shields.

This man has a harsh exterior but maintains a level head, he is very protective of those whom serve under him and can be stubborn and harsh towards the Stormwind Council.