Crimsonflame Forlant Darkbane

Forlant Avatar



Age 36




Religious Crusader


The Alliance,The Scarlet Crusade ,The Crimson Flame


Crusader of the Crimson Flame


Kainna Darkbane (sister), Caroline Darkbane (cousin), Tifanu Darkbane (cousin)

Character Class Paladin
Status Presumed Dead

"Hey! That sword costs more than your house, Heretic scum!"

- Forlant upon someone trying to confiscate his sword

Crusader Forlant Anthony Cecil Darkbane is a Crusader in the service of the Crimson Flame. He is known to be rather ignorant and is swift to dismiss the opinions of others if they threaten to hinder his true intentions. In the face of battle he is known to be a cowardous fighter, dependant on others to fight while he asseses the situation, on two seperate occasions, in the midst of battle he is said to have dissapeared for months, only to return and almost dismiss that the event even occured. Despite these acts of desertion, Forlant appears quite loyal to the Crimson Flame and will do his best to please his superiors, while at the same time despising those below him.

The Darkbane Family originates from Lordaeron, in Darrowshire but has since spread further south into areas such as Stormwind but has stayed with its warrior roots, although not in Forlant's favour, two of his closest relatives, Kainna Darkbane and Tifanu Darkbane have joined services in aid of Stormwind, the very city that banished the Crimson Flame from its walls. However the third, Caroline Darkbane, is also a Crusader in the Crimson Flame.

He always carries around his father's sword Duskbane, notable for its long thin blade and emerald attached to the end of the hilt. He is almost always seen wearing his golden armor decorated with red velvet and a battered old tabard of the Scarlet Crusade.

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