Kavalis Nighthammer





Character Class

Swordsman, Officer, Sorcerer, Necromancer.


The Kingdom of Lordaeron, The Alliance.


Siege Engineer, Bar manager, Gladiator.


Lawful Neutral

Kavalis is a Human Death Knight located on the European RP-PVP realm called Defias Brotherhood.

Biography Edit

Biography was outdated and will be re-written at another date.

Appearance Edit

Name: Lord Kavalis Darinan Aelenor Lewis Nighthammer

Age: Somewhere in the late thirties. Been eternal for roughly fourty years, so in reality 70ish.

Height: About 6.2 ft.

Weight: 83 kg / 182.6 Lbs

Body Type: Little taller than average, muscular, body is in very good shape.

Face Type: He has a semi-round, pretty handsome face. A small scar is visible just above his left eye.

Complexion: He has light, but not pale, skin. He seems to care about his appearance.

Eyes: His eyes are blue, slightly light, and they seem a slightly cold when he's angry or frustrated.

Hair: Black, soft hair. Semi-long.

Personality and traits Edit

Clothing Style: He preffers to wear casual, but classy, clothing. Anything that makes him look good.

Speaking Style: He occasionally rambles on when talking, but almost never gets off the point of the conversation.

General Demeanor: He's often very calm, surprisingly calm even, and always tries his best to appear fit for a Nobleman.

Career: He was the manager of the Slaughtered Lamb tavern in the Mage Quarter during the occupation there of Sophyra and her cult-like activities.

Prejudices: He holds no respect for people who lives in a dishonourable manner. If you don't stick to your honor, he will likely dislike you.

Best Qualities: He is a very honourable man. If he gives his word, he will stick to it.

Worst Qualities: He has a hard time putting down old grudges.

Weakness: His grudgemental personality means he will often go to long ends to exact revenge on those that have wronged him, often ignoring whatever price this may have.

Hobbies: He loves to practice his skills with a sword, he often practices his strikes on the training dummies around the cities and enjoys telling stories of his old kingdom, Lordaeron.

Talents: He is an exceptional swordsman, an a highly trained mage. He specialised in anti-magic before moving on to learn necromancy, having reached a high level of skill in both fields.

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