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Stormwind Assassins, Alliance




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She would pass as an average human if it wasn't for her white hair, dark skin and a prominent patch covering her right eye.

Although ruthless against her enemies, cynic and laconic when sober, does not hesitate to help allies in need and trains the recruits under her command with patience. She's said to follow her own honor code, but not many dare guess what kind of code involves killing targets in the most horrific and imaginative ways possible. Despises war, not because she rejects violence but because she believes most can be avoided by applying just the precise amount, assassinating the right person. Although she does not have a high opinion of other factions within the Alliance, her love for dwarven beer eventually lead her to close ties with more than a few dwarves from Ironforge.


Currently leads one of the main branches of the elite group known as Stormwind Assassins. Although technically affiliated to the Alliance, their priorities being the defense of Stormwind and their interests in the continent, they operate as a parallel force outside the law and even beyond the reach of SI:7, often serving their own motives.


Although raised in Stormwind, she was born and spent her childhood in the city of Lordaeron; her deep knowledge of the area has made her lead many operations in the Forsaken capital Undercity, although those few close to her believe part of her still hopes the city will someday be retaken and brought back to its former glory.

Nobody knows her full name, or even if "Kyph" is not some kind of pseudonym; it is only known that she was recruited by the Assassins at an early age, when she was found nearly dead floating in the waters of the Canals after fighting Horde mercenaries on her own. That initiative not only made her receive training in the organization to become a member, but eventually made her lead her own group of assassins.

It is said she lost her right eye during an operation in Silvermoon, while fighting an agent of the Horde organization known as Vile Thorn, since then having a personal vendetta against their members, but the truth is more complicated than that.

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