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Shimmer of Destiny

When his little brother enlisted in the army in the battle with the Forsaken, Leroni took himself a wife and settled down.

When the battle with the Forsaken raged on, his little brother died and got buried in Aderic's Repose. Leroni took his brothers death hard and visited the grave often with his family that lived in Gilneas City.
After 2 years a the war seemed to be finally over, but it was not. Leroni had to enlist and fight aswell.
In midst fight he came upon a Forsaken Death Knight that had enlisted under Sylvanas. It was his younger brother. Leroni killed his brother without even seeing it was him at first and when he noticed, Leroni broke down there on the battlefield and cried. By some miracle, Leroni was spared by the battles around him and he just sat there at his brothers body and cried long after the battle was over.
When Leroni woke up after the battle, he noticed that Gilneas City was in total shambles and that his family was slaughtered.
In that moment some worgens came running for Leroni and attacked. Leroni fought em off, but got scratched and bitten in the fight.

So now Leroni is a worgen and his first and foremost aim in life is to get those worgen that turned him, then kill all Forsaken there is, to avenge his family and his brother. And to this day, Leroni cant stand any of the scourge defectors, like Death Knights

Later he joined the pack of Sons of Fenrar, where he met Erethan Darkwood and Patrisia Bensome. He felt atlast home again with them and the others. Fenrar took him in under his wing and made him his righthand man. everything was nice and dandy, til one evening when the whole pack had excercise and Fenrar announced that he would promise his daughters hand to the winner of a competition. (The daugther was Patrisia Bensome. Adopted tho) Leroni had to participate, cause under the while he had been with the Sons of Fenrar, he had fell in love with her. Time went and the competition day came. Short story, Leroni and Patrisia is to be married^^.

But then Fenrar just vanished out of thin air. No one knew where he went and people started to get anxious. Patrisia and Leroni decided to break free from the shambles of Seons of Fenrar and start a new community. that's when Shimmer of Destiny was made. Old members of Sons of Fenrar joined in and new ones did so to. and now they accepted worgen and humans all alike.

PRESENT: Leroni is to be married to Patrisia in Gilneas Church during Love is in the air.

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