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Overview Edit

Marlorn is currently in his mid-twenties and has a long red hair. He has been in military for quite long time (ever since he moved to Stormwind) until his regiment got disbanded.

Biography Edit

Marlorn doesn't speak often about his past but he was born and spent five years in Kul Tiras. His father took Marlorn with him to a merchant vessel in order to teach him mercantile skills, though Marlorn was never interested in the arts of trade. After spending two years on a merchant vessel as an apprentice to his father, the O'Killarney family had to move away from Kul Tiras as their hometown was constantly raided by Naga and the pirates. At the age of eight they moved to the Hillsbrad Foothills where he was to spend his teens. O'Killarneys got wealthy in no time with cunning trading networks. It was in Hillsbrad where he got used to his habit of smoking tobacco. When the threat of the Scourge was obvious and Lordaeron on it's knees, they had to move again in order to find more stable and peaceful trade areas. They moved to Elwynn Forest but as Marlorn had grown up, he enlisted to the army and was assigned to the Blazing Shields. His parents were disappointed because he wasn't to earn his salary as a merchant.

Marlorn had a long leave which he spent in Northrend in attempt to make more money by working for various factions of Northrend ((OOC'ly he was raiding)). Before that he held the rank of corporal in the army.

He were also the quartermaster of his regiment, supplying his fellow soldiers with armour. He was chosen into his task because of his remarkable skills in blacksmithing.

After the Blazing Shields were disbanded Marlorn had no job for a while. He has made some new contacts though.

Trivia (Mostly OOC) Edit

Between his friends, Marlorn is known of his jokes related to 'stew'.

His last name 'O'Killarney' is a reference to an Irish lake Killarney. Despite this fact, he's not Irish but Finnish.