"" Catching a Criminal is easy, But catching THE criminal is hard " - Marter Drayarn " Me? I'm a dead man nex' to a Holy Man " - Marter Drayarn"

Biography Edit

Marter is a shady man, and he is the most mysterious man in the Alliance. A few weeks ago a man named "Marter Drayar" started to live in Stormwind. This man quickly became a slight gossip among the children. After a while he was killed by a druid, But then that druid ressurected him with a seed of life. After dying once he became a bit more interefering. After annoying the Blackbone Cartel a crockolisk named Jack ate him. After being "Removed" from the crocolisk he ressurected himself becoming "Living dead" once more. Not much is known after this, other than that he still has his servants Tjeezcutter and Djotzi.

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