Lord Michen Lee





Character class





Armorer (former), Engineer






Lawful Evil



Michen Lee is 1,7m tall. He is muscular and weights about 70kg. His skin is pale and his eyes are brown and emotionless. He has three vertical scars across his right eye.


When Michen speaks, he goes directly to the point and talks like he is superior to the person he is talking to. Overall, when interacting with people, he treats them equally, but nearly always behaves as if he was superior to the person he is talking to.

He has prejudges of those who are not part of the alliance and those who use shadow, fel magic or necromancy. He sees them as a problem.

In battle Michen uses either two-handed mace or sword and a shield. Regardless of the weapon he is using, he shows no fear or remorse and usually charges the enemy head-on. While he is courageous and a fanatic who could give his life for greater good, he usually sees when it's for the best to fall back.


Michen was born in 3 years after the first war in Hearthglen. At that point he had one older brother. Soon after his birth his mother was raped, resulting in birth of his half brother, Rayder. Years later Rayder left Hearthglen and seemingly wasn't planning to return. At age of 17 he joined the Hearthglen Militia, where he also learned blacksmithing.

A year later the invasion of Scourge began. Rayder - who had gone to Dalaran and became a mage - returned to Hearthglen with Arthas' forces and so they were reunited. In the heat of battle Michen experienced enlightment: To destroy the filth plaguing the Alliance and decided to start right that moment. He and Rayder went on rampage, disregarding all orders they were given and endangered the group of men they were fighting with. Even thought they killed a large amount of undead, they were expelled for army for disobedience and endangering others' lives unnessesarily.

After being expelled paths of Michen and Rayder parted again. Michen went to a monastery near Hillsbrad to learn about his vocation and Reyder went his own way. Two and a half years later Michen decided that it's the time he stopped studying the ways of the Light and taking them to use. He left the monastery as a paladin and went to fight the Scourge in Lordaeron.

Recently he travelled to Stormwind to form his personal army, the Hawk Guard to serve his ideals of better Azeroth without the Horde, Scourge, Burning Legion or anything related to them.

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