Neherun "The Red"

Neherun, the eldest of Lor'n De'Gaule brothers, (Neherun,Ubon,Sinas [Although Sinas never appeared in game]) was one of the first characters to appear on the streets of Stormwind. Mostly known as the heart breaking gentleman thief, this scoundrel appeared in many stories playing minor roles.

Neherun was also the Grandmaster of the Northern Council, one of the first established RP guilds to appear on the server. Northern Councils campaigns were succesful, but when they met their defeat at the steps of the Blackrock Mountain, Neherun cried out to the fall of the council, vanishing when his brothers and sisters met their doom.

[The Battle of the Blackrock Mountain was a RP battle designed as the "good bye" for few members who decided to quit the game]

The story of the Scarlet Strider.

Neherun also appeared as the "Scarlet Strider". Leading the original "Night Watch", a group of rangers dedicated to patrolling the borders of Stormwinds kingdom. The Night Watch was designed as a role-playing defensive group hordes could battle with random occurances.

The duel.

Making apperance in the campaign against the Second Gurubashi Empire, Neherun challenged the emperor Vish'nah to a duel. The fight resulted in victory of the Emperor, but instead of killing Neherun, he ripped his left eye off with his bare hands.

The twin obsidian edged swords and the beginning of Jingizu.

Before The Burning Crusade, Neherun vanished from the realm. However, after the expansion pack Burning Crusade Neherun returned as Jingizu. A thief who embraced the dark arts infiltrated the Disciplines of Light to study the dark arts from their collections. Being caught, he was locked up into the Stockades, where he later on escaped during the jailbreak of Stormwind.

Latest whereabouts.

Jingizu vanished later on, and rumor was he went to Northrend to join the alliance's forces in the battle versus the Lich King, he was last seen in Northrend, tossing his swords away, claiming to return to Stormwind, however, it seems he never reached his homeland.

The end of Neherun "The Red" remains open.

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