Neryana Blackwell




Human/high elf




Eliza Blackwell , Zalax d'Wyan


Scout , Spy


Chaotic good

"Justice? Define justice..."

Early years Edit

Neryana's parents met during the second war when the high elves fought alongside with the humans against the orcish horde.

Her father, a high elf called Zalax d'Wyan, left her mother shortly after finding out she was pregnant and made her raise up their daughter alone. Neryana was born and raised in the northern parts of Lordaeron, spending most of her childhood traveling around places with her mercenary mother Eliza Blackwell.

Due to her being a mix of two different races, Neryana found it difficult to get along with other children who often made her feel like an outsider. She spent most of her time around adults, training with swords and daggers while learning some basic first aid such as cleaning and stitching up wounds. She was homeschooled by her mother and her mother's acquintances who taught her to read, write, calculate and to brew poisons from various reagents.

At the age of 18 she teamed up with a talented assassin called Halwa and followed him around as his apprentice, learning the arts of assassination and thievery.


After finally being contacted by her father on her 23th birthday, she has put tremendous amounts of effort into getting to know him better, and to get his much needed acceptance and love. It is rumored that they keep in touch via messages carried by birds and dragonhawks, as well as meeting up occasionally.

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