"Bourbon, we need t' drink more bourbon!"

About Nordim Croiwin.

Nordim Croiwin, 26 years old, also known as 'Croi' or 'that innkeeper of Darkshire'.

Croi got hired by Miss Trelayne, innkeeper at the Scarlet Raven in Darkshire as the assistant innkeeper. Next to doing most of Miss Trelayne's work, (renting out rooms to travellers, mopping the floor and serving drinks etc.) he also spends alot of time in the Scarlet Raven to have a drink, play a game of dice and chat with his friends and thus being mostly found there which is well known by the mayority of Darkshire. Croi is an officially registrated citizen of Darkshire, for some reason he likes the place.

Typical behaviour of Nordim Croiwin displayed in a conversation.


"I work with demons...

...I work with th' undead..."

"Cultists, criminals, murderers..."

"M-hm.. only th' fearless are able t' do what I do..."




"I'm th' assistant innkeeper at th' Scarlet Raven, hic..!"

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