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Phoenix is a Blood Elf of many talents - and flaws. As a deadly but short-tempered outlaw, she is slim, nimble and agile, with a lonely but fiercely determined look in her eyes. She wields twin rapiers, wears a seaworn red leather outfit and hides her face behind a mask. Her hair is sun-kissed ginger.

Curious by nature and a believer of fate, Phoenix doesn’t like following rules or being told what to do; she prefers working alone or with close friends. To those she doesn’t know, she is cold and aggressive, especially towards other elves. Phoenix takes time to warm to others and for them to gain her trust, but when they do she is open, loyal and even a little playful.

She enjoys drinking alcohol (mainly rum from her hip flask), as well as gambling and acquiring gold, preferably through assassination contracts and treasure hunts. As a follower of superstition, she carries an old coin with her and other lucky charms. When angered, this elf becomes a danger to her enemies - and to herself. When pushed to her limits, she sees red and is prone to berserking, losing self-control in a heartbeat.


Phoenix was given her name after surviving a dangerous birth. Unwanted by her father, she was raised reluctantly by her single mother who worked as a tavern wench. As a teenager, Phoenix ran away to find her own life.

There on the streets she fell in with a rabble of thieves, and quickly learnt the art of deception - and survival. After the Scourge invasion she lost many of those close to her. Phoenix was alone. She was hurt, but had learnt the skills she needed to survive. She left Silvermoon for Stranglethorn and earnt a reputation there as an adventurer and mercenary for hire.

She later joined the guild of assassins Vile Thorn, and made some good friends who nicknamed her Nix. But it didn't work out as she repeatedly refused to take orders from the senior members.

Seeing her fallout with Vile Thorn as a failure in terms of her combat proficiency, Phoenix was alone again. She looked at ways of becoming stronger. She was tempted by the void, but members of the forsaken Ashwood and Crowfeet managed to keep her on the path of the horde. She joined the Rookery in Silverpine Forest, and worked as their armourer, but left after a while, unable to make sense of the mysterious goings on.

Today she is interested in money and glory, whether that's from assassination contracts or treasure hunting.