Rhygel Solace


Around 35








"The Light of Solace" or more commonly "Solace"


Gilneas - Stormwind - The Silverstorm Clan

Current Occupation

Witch Hunter - Clan Leader





Current Alignment

Chaotic Good

Details Edit

  • Name: Rhygel Solamen
  • Age: Around 35
  • Birthday: --
  • Height: --
  • Weight: --
  • Body Type: Toned without possessing an impressive musculature, lithe. He obviously trains more to strike efficiently and fast, than to overpower his opponents with brute strength.
  • Face Type: Sharp and long, with a marked jawline and cheekbones. Features stern, but not devoid of nobility and charm.
  • Complexion: Fair, but healthy. His skin bear few scars, most of which are only visible through thin white lines and dots running along his jawline, and across limbs and chest/back.
  • Eyes: Hazel.
  • Hair: Mild Auburn, pulling more into browns than reds. straight, usually well cared for, and reaching down between the shoulder blades. A well trimmed beard sits on his chin.
  • Clothing Style: Leather, and more rarely, cloth. His wardrobe mostly consists of dark, earthy tones, easily unnoticed, and easily forgotten. His hunting outfits sometimes bear thin steel and khorium plating over sensitive areas. However, they always attach with many straps. Some of which are used to sheathe guns, whips, daggers, and all manner of satchels, vials, and other trinkets. He will wear a hat or mask whenever possible, along with an ankle length leather duster.
  • Speaking Style: He usually says few words in public, but his voice is a deep tenor, his common, well spoken, although with a slight hint of Gilnean accent.
  • General Demeanor: Calm, collected, dominant. His step is slow and confident, unless he needs to make use of his speed. Often, his behaviour is perceived by others as cold and stern. He however is not always so.
  • Career: Witch Hunter ever since he has been of age to hold a gun and a crossbow.
  • Hobbies: Alchemy, herbalism, study of history, artifacts, the stars, and "mythological" creatures. Treasure Hunting.
  • Talents: --
  • Best Qualities: Calculative, Discreet, Quick-Witted, Knowledgeable, Resourceful, Loyal, Swift, sometimes Charismatic.
  • Worst Qualities: Paranoid, Twisted and Cruel to a point, Curious, sometimes Overbearing, Reckless, and Short-Tempered.
  • Weaknesses: --
  • Prejudices: He firmly believes in the Light, and as such, has very little tolerance for the Dark Arts and whoever uses them, unless it might serve his purpose. Considers most Worgens as a threat to Azeroth.

Background Edit

Backstory incoming soon.

Musical World Edit

Rhygel's "Theme Songs": Alpha and Omega Heaven's not Enough

Temptation: HellfireBittersweet

OOC Notes Edit

This Sheet is a WIP, and will be subject to many changes yet.

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