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Neutral Good

"Wild. But not uncivilized."
— Teremil Haldén

Simona Tobler-Haldén is one of the first generation of Human Rangers, trained from the rank and file of the Stormwind Army in the use of ranged weaponry, stealth, and underhanded tactics to achieve the level of deadliness that befits their High Elf-derived titles. Originally an inexperienced Footman in the Alliance Army, Simona was selected to Ranger training for her strong loyalties, high discipline, visceral combat style, and solid determination. Much in spite of her title of 'Ranger', Simona is most at home in the use of axes and swords over the bow or gun, frequently using her woodsman skills to ambush targets and get into close quarters for the kill before they can escape her trap. When working with a unit of either Footmen or other Rangers, Simona leads from the center, balancing the frontline fighting with a vantage point from where she can make tactical decisions.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born Simona Erika Tobler, only child of parents Barwain and Millie Tobler, both Lordaeron refugees living in Stormwind City, Simona grew up in relative comfort. Forming a close friendship to the aspiring sorceress Tara Haldén from a young age, Simona integrated herself well with the wealthier Haldén family, including Tara's older brother Merandil, at the time a street-thug of some notoriety.

Tara's father, Teremil Haldén, a veteran of the First and Second Wars, occasionally taught the girls about the wars he had fought, both from historical and personal perspectives. The young Simona idolized the weathered veteran, only helped by her parents mutual, deep respect for his service to Lordaeron during the Second War. As Tara moved on to study her magic in Dalaran, Simona began to take lessons from the elderly soldier, as well as getting to know the son, Merandil.

Merandil, after landing in prison months earlier, had a personal reform and began serving in the Stormwind Guard. The teenage Simona spent a long time working together with the soldier-in-training, competing with him in tests of martial skill. While the older boy was stronger, more experienced, and more skilled, Simona took every defeat in stride, seeing them as lessons just as meaningful as the ones she recieved from his father.

Military service Edit

As she grew into her self-proclaimed role as a warrior, Simona eagerly joined the Stormwind Army, although she was passed by for frontline service due to inexperience with actual combat. Electing to fight battles close to home against Gnolls and  Bandits throughout the countryside close by Stormwind, Simona quickly found herself at home in the forests of Elwynn and Duskwood.

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