Starbreaker, Slayer of Akrotos




Night Elf


11.000 (Deceased)

Character Class

Demon Hunter




Lysandera Starbreaker (Daughter), Neela Starbreaker (Daughter), Sinbreaker (Adopted daughter)

"I die free!"
— Starbreaker's last words

The Demon Hunter who went by the name Starbreaker lived from the time of the fall of the Kaldorei Empire to the coming of the Draenei to Azeroth. He secretly fathered two daughters, Neela and Lysandera Starbreaker, with a young Sentinel named Selay Moonglow. He did not enjoy a close relationship with his daughters due to his status as an outcast in Night Elf society, but always held them close to his heart.

Later in life he adopted a young girl orphaned by the Warsong invasion of Ashenvale, and took her on as a Demon Hunter apprentice. This girl would grow up to become Sinbreaker once her adoptive father was inevitably killed through his struggle against the Burning Legion.


Born only a few hundred years before the War of the Ancients, Starbreaker witnessed first hand the immense destructive power of the Burning Legion, and was inspired by Illidan's sacrifice to buy himself power to fight it.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like most Demon Hunters, Starbreaker was a wandering loner, shunned by Night Elf society for his choice to take up the dark path of sacrifice.

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