The Old Town Syndicate

Organization type

Roleplaying guild


Ledgic Caan

Secondary leaders

Aniane Fox, Serentha Crimthainn, Chase


Human (mainly)





The Old Town Syndicate is a roleplaying guild that was established near the birth of the Defias Brotherhood server and which has been brought back from the brink of death several times. The guild helps to provide an RP environment through our player run tavern "The Smoking Blade" (located in the Dwarven District of Stormwind) so that the many roleplayers on the server can meet new people and interact in a friendly environment.

The guild itself is based around the idea of an underground crime syndicate. The members that are "in the know" about the actual ongoings of the group would tell you that they are quite fond of thuggery, murder, drug sales and much more.

The tavern is run as a seperate business, they use the smoking blade as a front, simply to help fund their underground business. The knowledge of the Old Town Syndicate is not revealed by the actual syndicate members, rather heard about through the actions of those members.

The guild's intentions are to play a big part in helping roleplay thrive on the server, with every intention of giving 100% back to the community that its members have been a part of and loved for several years.

The guild itself focuses on nothing but RP. All members are free to raid with other guilds, or spend time pvp'ing, but this will not be arranged by the guild itself. At the moment the Old Town Syndicate operates as a fairly small community but it grows with every passing day.