Tobur the Terrible

Tobur was a dwarf, blessed to be living in the same time as Vomyr. Some say that this dwarf was one of Vomyr's closest friends, despite his vile reputation. Tobur was a horrible man. He was fat, ugly, stinky and called women silly names. He was also a known alcoholic, an absorber of famous liquor supplies.

Yet, despite all of Tobur's sins, Vomyr took the dwarf by the hand and showed him the good side of life. This inspired the dwarf to cleanse his reputation, in order to be remembered as a great friend of Vomyr, instead of a useless hobo. Tobur wrote a great list, containing deeds that would even forgive the greatest of sinners. This list is said to be held in an dwarven ruin, somewhere on Azeroth.

Sadly, Tobur died due to his overweight before he could begin his quest of purification.