Valerias Caan is one of the few surviving members of the Caan clan that inhabited a dark corner of Duskwood before the undead arrived and wreaked havoc on the forest. She differs from the other members of her family in that, although she is capable in hand-to-hand combat, her main strengths lie in the use of shadow magic and her affinity for subtlety. She relishes disguises, frequently masquerading as someone else, and takes infinite care with the creation of each new identity.

Valerias' early training in the shadow arts was makeshift at best; her knowledge was scraped together by reading any materials she could lay hands on. Recently, under the name of Valerias Greymorrow, she joined The Dark Sphere and spent some time developing her skills under the tutelage of a man called Darakan. After leaving the cult under mysterious circumstances and disappearing for some months, Valerias returned to Stormwind.

Along with her sisters, Saela and Kannah, Valerias sought to kill Ledgic Caan, who the few remaining members of the clan considered a traitor to their way of life. That quest, however, was somewhat complicated by the sudden and recent appearance of Iriden, Ledgic's renegade brother, who intended to kill Valerias and the rest of the remaining members of the Caan family. Reluctantly, the sisters decided to join with Ledgic in order to have a better chance of preserving their lives. In the weeks that followed, Saela was killed, but Valerias and Ledgic between them managed to finish off Iriden.

Since then, Valerias has lived in Stormwind, becoming a part of the shadows in the city, watching and listening, toying with the lives of a few and inquiring about the lives of many. Her relationship with Ledgic has strengthened with time as she's moved from her initial enmity to remembering the friendship they once shared. Though most of her former contacts and colleages from The Dark Sphere are now dead, she has also developed degrees of connection with various other notable persons, including Eothan Dawn, Jayse Ravenwest, Sophyra, Garthen Raelas, and Noxie Skye to name a few.

Though currently her only occupation is information gatherer and occasional strategical assassin, she's searching for more. Anything could happen...

Valerias 'Vale' Caan


Student of shadow, bringer of revenge, lady of disguises





Character class



None, at present




Saela Caan (sister, deceased), Kannah Caan (sister), Ledgic Caan (cousin), Iriden Caan (cousin, deceased)