Vomyr was an ancient, legendary, holy, human knight who is said to have been close to small children. His name comes back in several local traditions, all over Azeroth.'

The man, the legend.

Few walk the soil of this planet and know of the name, the legend, that is Vomyr. Exact information of the man behind this legend has been consumed by time, but the fact that his name lives on untill this very moment, speaks of a magnificent presence. All that we know now, is that Vomyr was a man of extraordinary beauty and inspiration, responsible for a great number of heroic deeds that made the world as it is today. Next to the perfect Knight, Vomyr was a baptiser of sorts for newborn children. It was considered a great honor to have your child touched by Vomyr, a blessing that was not in stock for every family. If Vomyr found a child worthy to his brilliance, he took the child and raised it to become one of his many right hands. Vomyr did not leave out children with exotic skincolours. Those could become his left hands.

Even though Vomyr would never have approved due to his supreme modesty, people refer to this man as 'Vomyr the Magnificent', 'Vomyr the Divine' , 'Vomyr the Baptiser' or simply put 'Vomyr of Many Awesome Names'.

In some regions today, families still place their newborn outside the door for one night, in the hope that His great spirit blesses them with a visit, and fills the baby up with incredible happiness. It is said that in winters, Vomyr takes the spirit of the child to his higher presence, to serve him in battle against the great evils. This brings much joy to the family, who can be honored to have given birth to a true warrior, and who do not have to spend coin on raising the child. In summer, legend goes that Vomyr sends his wild animal companions to collect the children, or at least some of their limbs. These will be used to replace those which are lost in the battles of the higher presence.

Vomyr can be connected to his friend, Tobur the Terrible.