Divina "Winterbloom" Graethlin is a resident of Stormwind and a former assassin and shadow lady of The Dark Sphere. She has strong ties to cultists and criminals in Stormwind. Although she has been suspected of many crimes, and been arrested dozens of times, Winterbloom has never been convicted of anything. Has up until recently been working as a staff member in The Smoking Blade inn, in the dwarven district of Stormwind. The inn is the suspected front of a crime syndicate.


Name: Divina "Winterbloom" Graethlin

Age: 28

Height: 5'8" / 172cm

Weight: 115 pounds / 52kg

Body Type: Tall (kind of) and slender

Complexion: Slight tan

Eyes: Dark brown, serious eyes

Hair: White, shoulderlong straight hair. Brown eyebrows

Clothing Style: Expensive silk clothing, usually black silk trousers with a matching shirt

Speaking Style: Posh

General Demeanor: Snobby/posh, unfriendly

Career: Former assassin. Now a trader and henchman/mercenary

Prejudices: Dislikes pretty much everyone, with few exceptions

Best Qualities: Sharp (quick witted), manipulative

Worst Qualities: Has a temper, malicious, too proud

Weakness: Extremely sensitive about her looks, easily looses her temper, physically not very strong

Hobbies: Tease, annoy and drink. Usually all at the same time

Talents: Acting, subduing, seducing. Very agile